Code: EDI-2018-ALL

Domain: Cross-sector


Propose your own challenge making use of at least two datasets in the catalogue from different providers and sectors.

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This “discovery” challenge is oriented to capture the ideas that proposers may have about the solutions that could be built based on the provided data in EDI data catalogue. There are some rules that need to be accomplished in order to fit in the challenge:
  • A minimum of two (2) existing datasets in EDI data catalogue from different providers and sectors need to be used to be eligible. The datasets will be identified in the proposal form
  • Additional datasets can be incorporated if needed. Any datasets incorporated need the legal permission to be included in a commercial solution, otherwise the proposal can be declared ineligible.

Using similar (type) datasets from providers which are coming from different sector does not qualify as a cross-sector challenge (i.e.: weather data from UBIMET with weather data from VW production plant). You can always do this, but another sector dataset needs to be included too.


The challenge has the following sample datasets available for download

Expected outcomes

  • Innovative products and services based on the mixture of data coming from at least two different sectors.
  • Revolutionary concepts proving the data from a sector could untap hidden benefits for another one.
  • Clear cross-sector data collaboration thanks to big data

How do we apply?

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