EDI round 3 - it’s a wrap!!

European Data Incubator (EDI) as an EU funded project has ended, but the programme will continue living as an on-demand Incubator as a Service.

Below is EDI of the future materialization.

What we have achieved until now

Programme statistics

Incubated over 100 start-ups

Engaged 24 leading EU Data Providers

Provided over 18 trainings courses and 45 webinars

Established a network of 4,000+ entities

Our startups statistics

Revenue growth

Team growth

Funding raised

New jobs

Check out what we have achieved in:

Whats next for European Data Incubator

EDI is a data incubator that leverages the open innovation concept within the data economy
to enable the development of big-data-driven innovations. 

Our on-demand incubation programme is adaptable to each of the stakeholders in the data value chain.
EDI enables Big Data innovations, a trifecta of key impact drivers needed to reach the market.

Who is for



Investors and their portfolio of startups

Local Governments and Public Administrations

Digital Innovation Hubs

Service bundles

Based on our experience from the last 4 years, we have set up 3 standardised incubation packages.
These packages are carefully curated using a selection of our 47 services, to provide an individual incubation experience.


Service Bundle

# of Services


Estimated delivery time frame

BASIC 21 *** 2-3 months
STANDARD 27 **** 4-5 months
PREMIUM 33 ***** 7-8 months


Needs and Readiness Assessment

If you are interested in the service bundles that we offer or you are interested in a tailored incubation programme, you are requested to complete the Needs and Readiness Assessment. It will help us best understand your requirements and enable us to prepare the most efficient incubation package that will launch you to the market.

Inside EDI Incubator


EDI changed our vision to the world of data. It was by far the most impactful programme that we participated in since we started our business.


EDI helped us to define and develop an automated energy analysis platform, based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, for the optimization of cogeneration plants. The technical, economic and business support provided by EDI was fundamental for the success of the project and for the success of the product on the market.

Energenius Srl

EDI is a disruptive program that every stage startup should attend to understand how to bring a product to market. The program covers all the essential aspects that every entrepreneur should master to boost the chances of success.


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